Welcome to my website. I am a watercolour artist living and working in West Sussex.

This year the Chichester Art Trail is going virtual, so do log onto the web site and visit us all! You may not be able to physically get to us, but we are all on the Trail working away, looking forward to you visiting us! Just type in Chichester Art Trail and we will pop up!

I am inspired by light and colour, also atmosphere.  I love going out and either starting a painting or sketching and making colour notes. I include the type of weather, time of day, sun position, even the 'feeling' of the day! In other words a comprehensive diary with drawings so that if the weather becomes impossible to work outside I have enough information to carry on in the studio. Quite often I will have started a painting outside, and if possible will have almost finished it before returning to the studio. This year is the exception as I am working from photos. I do not paint a detailed painting from a photo but use several photos of the scene in order to create what inspired me in the first place. I also have quite a few things in my sketch books waiting to be transformed into a painting!

I hope you enjoy my paintings and do feel free to contact me via the contact page.